Product Process

Fine Besteel Co., Ltd. is striving to become the world's best steel company
by producing the best products with global competitiveness through continuous facility investment.

  • 소재장입

    STEP 01. Charge

    We classify and charge only materials that have passed the raw material warehousing inspection according to each standard.

  • 가열

    STEP 02. Heating

    Just as heating and striking iron in a hot fire when making a sickle in a smithy, you must raise the temperature of the material to about 1200℃ in order to make a product by thinly pressing a thick billet or slab,. At this time, it is the heating furnace that acts as a furnace.

  • 압연

    STEP 03. Rolling

    It is a facility that creates a product in a desired shape through the process of passing, pressing and stretching the heated material between two rotating rolls. Although the reciprocating rolling method is mostly common, Fine Besteel uses a state-of-the-art facility controlled by automatic control system with a computer and serial method.

  • 냉각

    STEP 04. Cooling

    This is the step of stably cooling the produced product. No matter how carefully the product is rolled, if scratches or foreign substances are attached to the product at this stage, the completeness of the product is greatly reduced, so the cooling stage accounts for a great proportion as the finish of rolling.

  • 교정

    STEP 05. Leveler

    Since products are usually used for shipbuilding, straightness is the most important. Due to the nature of the rolling process, the product tends to bend during production. In this case, it is a facility that improves the straightness and flatness of the product.

  • 절단

    STEP 06. Cutting

    It is a facility that cuts the product according to the specifications required by the consumer. Since cutting miss is an irreversible and fatal defect, it is a step that requires careful attention as a finishing step. Using an advanced automatic cutting machine, Fine Besteel is challenging zero error.

  • 검사

    STEP 07. Test

    We inspect the products produced based on our own standards that apply KS, classification and specifications requested by the customer.

  • 포장

    STEP 08. Packing

    It is a facility that automatically stacks the produced products in the amount specified in the KS standard, and then packs them with magnetic equipment. In Korea, we are proud of our latest and state-of-the-art equipment.

  • 출하

    STEP 09. Shipment

    It is the job of loading the rolled finished products on a trailer to deliver them to customers.