Quality · Environment

An honest company that puts customer satisfaction first

Strengthen our competitiveness upon the basis of the customers-oriented idiology and advanced busindess administration system adn maximize profits through satisfaction of our customers' need, Practise environmental protection of the earth and continue to improve quality environmental business administration system in order to secure super competitiveness and to prosper eternally as a pro-environmental enterprise.


Quality · Environment Policy

All our employees should grasp customer's requirement/environment requlation, other requirement adn observe it.
We decide on a standard for the strict quality/environment management and set goal of the quality/environment including decrease of environmetn pollutant adn improvement of product quality and environment.

The management agent/team leader must collect and analyze the information adn data about the quality/environment management then they shall report to manager. The manager/management agent reflects them for the next quality/environment policy adn management goal.

This policy must be passed to all number of persons who achieve business on behalf of our company as well as our company employee and be communication and general pubilc should touches.